You Should Play -Takeshi and Hiroshi

Two kids playing with a laptop

If you do something long enough, you believe that your way is the right way. How many armchair quarterbacks and coaches work every Sunday calling plays for their favorite team? Gamers are no different. We always believe we know better than the developers. If given a chance, we would make a better game than any developer in the industry. It just so happens that Takeshi and Hiroshi give us that chance.

Hiroshi, your little brother, worships the ground you walk on and thinks your game is the best thing ever. Of course, he doesn’t know that the game is a mess and that you have to run the game live while he is playing. You dictate every enemy encounter. You choose how easy or difficult battles are. The combat follows your traditional turn-based RPG, with Hiroshi targeting enemies based on the order in which you place them. You have to strategically choose combinations of enemies on the field that bring Hiroshi close to death without killing him. Make the fight too easy, and Hiroshi becomes bored and loses his enthusiasm. Without a certain level of excitement, you must repeat the level. Make the game too hard, and Hiroshi dies. Creating emotion is where your skill as a game designer comes into play. How do you balance the game, especially when your character levels up and becomes stronger than the enemies he’s fought before. Hiroshi imagines himself as the game’s hero, and it’s up to you to make sure he enjoys himself. The question is – are you as good of a game developer that you think you are?