Assemble With Care (iOS) Review

Assemble With Care (iOS) Review

When I originally signed up for Apple Arcade, I had one question in mind. Is the service worth the monthly subscription? Sure, Apple markets the hundreds of games available to you for $7 a month, but if they aren’t worth a damn, then that’s money that could be saved or spent elsewhere. Luckily for me, the first game that I decided to play for review is one of the best mobile experiences I’ve had in gaming.

Assemble is one part visual novel, one part puzzle game. Each chapter begins with a story, taking you back to the days when your parents or teachers would read you a story and “do the voices” for the characters. The voice actors, music, and sound effects blend perfectly into one cohesive experience.

It’s the transition from story to the puzzle where the game shines. Instead of a hardcore puzzle game, Assemble’s puzzles accompany the story elements, creating challenges that require you to think but never leaving you lost. Instead of simple on-screen controls, the entire screen is at your disposal as you rotate objects to remove screws, remove pieces, and replace components. The objects that you must fix become more intricate as you progress through the story—requiring you to build on what you’ve learned.

With a playtime of about 1 – 2hr depending on how quickly you move through the puzzles, Assemble is a game worth your time and serves as an example of what great experiences await you with Apple Arcade.

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