In A Quarantined World, Where is VR?

In A Quarantined World, Where is VR?

It feels like day one million of the quarantine, and there’s no relief in sight. And with the government going back and forth about when we will actually be able to live some semblance of normal life, we’ve found ways to entertain ourselves online. Many of us have turned to video games and streaming our favorite shows. Others have found relief from DJs spinning records live on their IG. Even strip clubs have offered digital VIP rooms. And with everyone doing what they can with what they have, I have to ask – where the hell is VR?!

Virtual reality has never taken off the way many people thought it would. Outside of VR porn and few video games, it’s never penetrated the marketplace. It’s not that the hardware isn’t suitable, it’s actually come a long way, It’s just never found a hook. But with us stuck in the house and nowhere to go, you’d think someone would have jumped on the marketing train to push the virtues of the technology. Since the big companies aren’t going to do it, why not us? Let’s dream of a few scenarios that VR could use to sell the product.

1) The Virtual Club

Music is the thing that brings us all together. DJs know this and have capitalized off this with live streams of their sets. Famous producers have even joined forces to have beat battles, and in both instances, the comment section is popping. Everyone talking to each other, asking where VIP is. It’s a fun, but limited experience as the chat scrolls entirely too fast to keep a conversation going. But with VR, we could actually travel to the club and hang out with our friends. Even if they’re avatars, it would be cool to feel like you’re in the same place with your friends.

2)The Strip Club

This one is pretty much a layup. The numbers for people viewing adult content are up across the map, and people love the strip club, so why not give people a trip to their favorite establishment? Why watch from your phone when you could level up and find yourself back in your favorite strip club with your favorite dancer?


The NBA leads the way with a VR experience for their games. But with no live professional sports, why not give people a chance to relive historical moments? Last year’s Super Bowl, a Mayweather fight, or even Kobe’s last game. The possibilities are endless, and sports fans who were not in attendance would love to say they were there.

Read the news long enough, and you know that life, as we knew, will never go back to the way it was. Sure, one day we’ll be back to giving dap and attending concerts. But that’s a few years off. Until then, we’ll look for ways to entertain ourselves, and it’s a shame that VR is missing its moment in the sun. Because who doesn’t want a little escape from reality?

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