PlayStation 5 Reveal – More Questions Than Answers

PlayStation 5 Reveal – More Questions Than Answers

What does it take to sell a console? More specifically, what must a company say to motivate you to buy their product on launch day? It’s a question both Sony and Microsoft have struggled to answer. I’ve written about the barriers to entry and why it’s better to stick with the current consoles and wait until 2021. Today was Sony’s chance to change our minds. Unfortunately, the company struggled to define why we need their latest offering.

So many Games, So little Details

Let’s start with the positive. Sony showcased 25 next-generation games. Each game looked amazing.  However, of the 25 games, only five will follow the console’s launch this holiday season. The other 20 games consisted of a title trailer, little gameplay, or much worse – no release date. There’s nothing worse than seeing something you like, with no idea when you’ll have the chance to interact with it. It told a simple story that the best of the PlayStation 5 will come in 2021 or later.

Fantastic Design, No Details

Sony’s reveal of the console’s design was another case for something great without the necessary information. There was no mention of the release date, price, or deep dive into the system’s features and accessories. For example, Sony will release an HD camera(probably sold separately) alongside the PS5. This announcement was an opportunity to talk about the streaming capabilities of the device. And how the PS5 will help people who want to stream without a dedicated PC join the streaming community.

More Questions Than Answers

Sony’s reveal of the PlayStation 5 left us with more questions than answers. More importantly, it did not answer the most crucial question – why should we buy a PlayStation 5 on launch day? The company did mention they have more to share in the coming weeks and months, but today was the day. You get one chance to make a good impression, and Sony decided to use it to show us trailers.

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